What is NaOH SOAPS?



NaOH SOAPS is a family owned business discovered by a 9 year old Entrepreneur in February 2021. NaOHSOAPS are natural fun artisan self care products that are gentle and provide substantial benefits for the skin.  Our skin care products are plant-based. NaOHSOAPS unique skincare brand is best for all. Babies, children, women, men, patients that suffer from eczema, psosaris and cancer The CEO of NaOH SOAPS also wrote their first book "The Girl that Can:NaOH SOAPS." which is published on Amazon.

The number one frequent question is what is NaOH SOAPS and how do you pronounce it?  Well Na= sodium and OH= hydroxide. You cant make a bar soap without it. It is the main ingredient in soap making. 

NaOH SOAPS provide excellent care and service in making uniquely design fun handmade soaps. Our Soaps are not only great to watch but it feels so good on your skin. With organic gentle anti-aging oils that leaves your skin nourishing, clean, soft and smelling good. It is derived with organic oils and butters such as, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil and vitamin E oil. Our fragrance oils  are Phthalate Free and can be used on your skin simply after bathing. We also use essential oils such as lavender, rose, tea tree, ylang ylang, and eucalyptus.  Once you try NaOH SOAPS you will always want more.  Bath time is always fun and exciting. The amazing aroma in your bathroom will be phenomenal after use of NaOH SOAPS. 

NaOH SOAPS are fun bath products that we love to create. NaoH SOAPS bar soaps are HUGE and not our particularly normal size bar soap. NaOH Soaps varies from 5.5 oz -10 oz. NaOH SOAPS is derived of plant-based natural organic oils and butters. This incude: shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter,  coconut oil, palm oil, and vitamin E. oil. However, if requested we can make non-vegan specialty soaps. Such as goat milk soap, or buttermilk soap. NaOH SOAPS also have manuka honey and bees wax as an additive to your uniquely designed soap.  Because our soap bars and artisan designed soaps are hand poured, subtle variations will always occur. This means no two bars are Never the same and every soap bar with NAOH SOAPS is absolutely perfect in its own way!


NaOH SOAPS came to existence in the midst of the pandemic. We were able to create fun artisan soaps and stay safe from COVID-19 by washing our hands frequently with fun organic handmade soap that is made with love. NaOH SOAPS also create fun bath bombs, bubble bath bars, deodarant, body oils, body butter, body scrubs,and much more. We love catering to all and providing a touch of love with our bath products and service. 


NaOH SOAPS VISON is to provide fun handmade bath products on a global spectrum.

NaOH MISSION is to help others especially kids live out their dreams by creating futuristic goals with optimism and a growth mindset. Every Child Can.

NaOH SOAPS Goal is ls to provide soaps and other bath accessories to homeless families that are living in a shelter. By purchasing our soaps you will help us donate 10 percent of earnings to famiies that are in shelters to assist with toiletry and bath products from NaOH SOAPS. 


NaOH SOAPS believe to promote the safety and well- being of all of our bath products by sustaining a model of natural fresh handmade bath products. NaOH SOAPS handmade bath products use the finest essential oils and fragrances with minimal safe synthetics. NaOH SOAPS believe in fun baths, candle lit baths, fun showers and making people feel happy about our products. NaOH SOAPS is good value and cater to all.  NaOH SOAPS will have you feeling "So Fresh and So Clean Clean"  after use of our bath and cosmetic products.