Who Invented Soap?

Who Invented Soap?


Have you ever wonder who invented soap ?  Before soap was invented people will just use water to cleanse their body. To exfloiate they will use mud or sand depending on the region they lived in. 

What made people think of other ways to remove excess dirt from their bodies, fabric, or anything else that need to be clean? There are many stories on how soap was made, derived from or who invented it. 

It has been known that The Babylonians were the ones who invented soap at 2800 B.C. They discovered that combining fats, namely animal fats, with wood ash produced a substance capable of easier cleaning. The first soap was used to wash wool used in textile industry. Soap was also made to treat skin diseases.

Have you ever thought about what soap you are using and what is in it. Nowadays, people are using more organic ingredients  and not using animal fats but instead is replaced with natural organic oils and butters.

There are many ways to keep your body clean. 

At NaOH SOAPS we like to use many different organic products in our soap.  Here is a list of some ingredients that we used when making our fun handmade organic soaps. 100% organic Olive oil,  palm oil, Coconut oil, vitamin E, Mango butter,  Manuka honey, 100% aloe, jojoba oil, Cocoa butter, Shea butter and other natural ingredients. 

You may be wondering by now, why is there a picture of an ice cream cone if we are talking about soap. At NaOH SOAPS we like to make bathing fun. Creating fun design soaps such as dessert soaps, glow and dark soaps, character soaps, and other artisan designs to clean with and make bathing a life time experience.  

What are some ingredients you will like in your soap? Would you like to use animail fat  such as, buttermilk,  goat milk soap , camel milk soap, lard  or would you like to use more of a vegan soap. Aloe  tumeric lavender, shea butter or cocoa butter? 

 Send me your reponse and comment below: 

NaOH SOAPS would love to hear your response, we love you guys at NaOH SOAPS. Remember to stay so fresh and so clean clean. 



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