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NaOH Bubble Bar Scoops

NaOH Bubble Bar Scoops

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Our signature Bubble bars ice cream scoops makes fun lavishing big bubbles in the bath, Relaxing and soothig for the skin. Our bubble bars are made of Sodium Bicarbonate,corn starch, SLSA, Potassium Bitartrate, glycerin , cocoa betaine, Organic avacado oil, Vitamin E oil, Fragrance, Mica

How to Use:

Crumble to a powder and hold the scoop under warm running bath water, and watch as your tub fills with luxurioius  delicate fragrance bubbles filled with avacado oil and shea butter leaving your skin silky smooth and clean.

Each bubble bar varies in colors. 

Bubble Bar makes great big bubbles in bath tub

2.8oz/ 84 grams

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