Small Business Mentorship Melt and Pour

If you’ve been wanting to level up your biz or simply start, this course is for you!

 NaOH SOAPS mentorship will teach students how to make melt and pour soap. This will take approximately 1-2 hours . You will learn how to measure your oils and other additives in the soap, how to add color and fragrance.   This soap class does not need to handle Lye. This is great for beginners and especially children. 


In Person Course-  NaOH SOAPS will provide all material to use for soap making. Course fee $49.99 

** in person students will create and sip. Students will have fun desserts and drinks while they are waiting for soaps to harden. 

Virtual Course- NaOH SOAPS will provide you with a list of materials that you may need. Students can suggest which butters and OIls they will like to use and will provide me with their suggestions a day before class.  Course Fee-$39.99